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Welcome to TheLeadwebtech – small agency which dedicated its life to web development and everything related to your web presence in digital world.

Started as a solo business, in one moment i realized i am surrounded by a lot of talented young people who found their passion in coding and IT security, just like me! It was not matter of school degree – just passion!
We are now small but enthusiastic team of geeks who will find solution for every web related problematic and make you happy in digital 21. century.

I graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, in 2014, with a degree in Applied computers science and software engineering, defending my bachelor thesis “Fuzzy C-means clustering in CV -Pattern Recognition in Medical Diagnosis“.

Stefan Lanchushki, CEO
BSc. IT, Lead web developer and certified IT security expert

Path for your success

WordPress development, maintenance, data entry, design are our primary orientation, but that doesn’t mean we will not help you with pure PHP sites, other CMS platforms or anything similar.

If you already own a website and need more leads – we can do performance optimization, digital marketing, social media campaigns and consulting services for your business!

Beside that we are obsessed with Web security and malware prevention on web, and proof of that is more then 700 websites successfully cleaned and protected.

We strongly believe that, in the contemporary world of IT, this area has become a practical necessity, as much as a perspective.


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People who shaped my business and made me enjoying the coding

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> 99 little bugs in the code
> 99 little bugs in the code.

> Take one down, patch it around
>> 117 little bugs in the code…

Every proud developer

Why TheLeadWebTech

There are a thousands of reasons why to choose some agency to take care about your digital life, but there is always just 1, enough to never come back to it! I will take care that you never choose second way! Since limited space we will mention only several ones to stay with us

Availability, responsiveness, quick actions

Because clock doesn’t matter. Not like a Toggle one or any kind of similar ! I will take action based on your need no matter what time needed. I strongly believe mutual confidence is built on fact that you definitely need to be there for your customers no matter what period of day (in a reasonable way ) and based on urgency of the case. If client feels safe and sound with developer , than its your client for long term! Of course, on mutual satisfaction. All my clients, are my friends!

University degree Web development/ engineering

There is a big difference between selftaught developer in web development and university degree engineer. Proper access to problematic and algorithmic thinking is something which differ professional from amateur. Think twice about the fact that you are giving your whole business in hand of developer/company and always follow the principle of money/ quality balance. Even if you think about basic tasks for your business  i will take care of it on expert level.

Experience, proven works, responsibility

CMS platform designer with special attention to WordPress theme building, modifications and customization. Expert in plugin and code tweaking, infrastructure design and bug prevention and fixes. Particularly concerned with and proficient in high-level computer security, protection, and threat prevention and removal tactics. More then 3000 projects completed in like a 10 years of professional development and engineering.