Truth about Fake and scam company

RIWAS – Refugee Integration and Work Aid Services AB – company which scam freelancers for thousands of $

Many freelancers nowadays try to find a way to protect their own work . Sometimes, getting deposit from clients is not easy at all, or it is almost impossible ! This is an article where all relevant facts about and their cheating plan will be transparently revealed.

This is the story about company from Sweeden. All the facts will be documented by authentic email content, screenshots and contracts.

Beside the fact i am using Upwork as a main platform for my work, i always take a look at because there are a lot of attractive jobs and proposals. One day I applied for big job for swedish company.

I got an answer:


I also got this email with user login data. Intentionally, i will share original document with private login data without any excuse.


These are also details about Riwas which they sent me :


Contract between me and Riwas was signed electronically, on Edocusign, and i started required work.

The person who I communicated with was Jonathan Conner . His personal info will be also published online without any excuse!


As a part of contract, my duty was to work on their hosting account, and even main task was related to custom database queries, i was not able to have MySql and PhpmyAdmin acess directly, but through tunnels, and MySqlJog.

In every single moment, only person for communicaton was Jonathan Conner, and nobody else, as per written in contract.

Working with Jonathan was more like nightmare – after every single task from contract was completed, he required more and more design changes, and that “ate” a lot of time.

After 3 months, project was successfully finished! Jonathan wrote me that the payment is released, and soon will be on my bank account. 14 days- and nothing yet!

That morning i got an email from Jonathan ,were he told me that he can’t acess website, and asked me did i change login data.

When i tried to acess site and FTP all user data was changed, and Jonathan stopped responding. Also my home IP address was banned, and i was not able to open frontend of website

After i contacted Joakim Faklenberg, person whose number i found on website, as an accounting manager he told me this :

“There is not going to be any form of payment, until we have figured out how much of the work that was given to you has to be remade. When it comes to blocking any IP addresses, nobody has blocked your IP address to our websites. We have only changes the credentials to the accounts. Also further more we have also taken Jonathan off this project. So from now on, I’m going to be who is responsible for this project”.

Thats it! From July 2016 nobody is answering emails, beside the fact they received it!

Now i will put all their personal info to be transparent and to prevent more cheating process like this :

RIWAS – Refugee Integration and Work Aid Services AB
Gotlandsgatan 58, 116 65 Stockholm

Ringvägen 100, 118 60 Stockholm

Vår telefon är +46 (0)700-708 846, och våra telefontider är: Måndag klockan 10.00-16.00. Tisdag-fredag klockan 08.00-16.00.
Samt Lördag-söndag klockan 10.00-16.00. Lunchstängt varje dag mellan klockan 11.30-12.30.

Johanna Borong
Birgitta Öberg
Elin Eriksson
Joakim Falkenberg
Socionom/Administration och ekonomi
Stefan Sassi
Tina Rose