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We make your website up to date in every single aspect : technical, content and overall healthy.

When website is successfully published, many people think that they just need to sit and wait clients to arrive and site to generate business and money instantly. Actually, that’s not the end – that’s just the beginning – it is time for start doing website maintenance or even better, hire professionals to do that for you.

Pay attention to this analogy- your website is like your car, there is always normal ongoing website maintenance service that you need to do on it, to use it for a long long time. Keep it without care and something will go wrong in the most important moments in life and career! That’s not coincidence – that’s unwritten rule!

There are plenty of reasons why you need professional care for your website on long term level :

  1. You actually do not have enough time beside your business to dedicate it to your  web presentation.
  2. You do not have enough knowledge to do it – which is also normal.
  3. You want highest level of care for your website, while you focus on achieving business goals.
  4. You faced at least once in critical moments downtime situation, hack or technical issues

So, when website is launched, the work doesn’t end there – usually, it is just beginning! Lets discuss the thing that comes after!

You Need Someone To Do A Maintenance For Your Site(S) ?

The Benefits of Website maintenance package at TheLeadwebtech

We make business goals realities, while saving time and money.

No need for searching and hiring different company or individual for each service you need.
Here you can get full website maintenance package, constantly available support (24h support) who guarantee for work done.
TheLeadwebtech will take care of your website like of its own.
No more stress and panic of something will stop working
It’s better to pay normal ongoing maintenance, then losing clients and nerves – Remember important www fact: There are so many reason somebody to open your website, but there is just ONE to leave and never come back.
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You need help on meeting your business goals?

We Can Take Care Of:


You need to understand that owning a WordPress website means a commitment to keeping WordPress, and all themes or plugins installed on the site updated. It is crucial for website owner to know that WordPress website is not finalized product! Every owner must take care of its own website, meaning all plugins, themes and WP version must be constantly up to date. Out of date plugin, theme or WP core can cause big security problems, and client usually start to be aware of that after malicious attack happen. See more about malicious attack on this link. For website owners, another big problem can be the fact that sometimes they try to do site updates by their own – result often can be broken website, WSOD, BSOD and similar errors.
TheLeadwebtech can offer you weekly, monthly update services or specially 24h website monitoring for special cases. We will take care of your website completely, ensure there is no downtime in process of updating and ensure that everything will run smoothly after our action.


All websites need good backup solution. With WordPress, it is really important to know that backups are almost MUST because of fail cases which can happen due to security issues, plugin updates fails or similar. WordPress doesn’t have a built-in backup solution, so your clients need to be aware that ongoing backups are necessary for protecting their investment.
TheLeadwebtech in website maintenance package can take your site backups and store it in safe place, different then your live server.


WordPress websites are specifically targeted by bots and hackers, so all WordPress sites need an ongoing WordPress security strategy. By implementing WordPress security best practices, you can provide your clients with extra peace of mind.

Check more about our malware removal and security services here

Familiarize yourself with the basic WordPress security issues.


Website downtime can mean lost revenue, especially for high-traffic e-commerce sites. No matter if you manage just a simple blog or advanced website with high up-time required, even several minutes of downtime can cause big problems. Sites where automatic updates for WordPress and plugins are automatically enabled have higher potential to crash and cause big issues. In other cases, website downtime can be issued by bad hosting provider, poor servers and similar staff which is out of control for developer and owner.
Leadwebtech in website maintenance package includes WordPress uptime monitoring and immediate problem solving per need.


Like updates, security and backups, hosting and performance are important components of a healthy WordPress website. High Quality WordPress hosting is not so hard to find. Main advice is to do deep review of top hosting providers and choose the best one based on your needs. Pick hosting packages that offer sufficient disk space and bandwidth with a trusted and reputable hosting company. Also pick good hosting package resources to be absolutely sure your site will run smoothly. Top pick for WordPress hosting  is without competitor – Siteground.
TheLeadwebtech as a part of WordPress website maintenance can also do complete hosting migration process for you, do server setup or tweak, DNS settings, domain switching and similar.


WordPress websites can become bloated over time with post revisions, spam comments, trashed posts and pages, and other data is stored in the database. Offer website optimization as a component of WordPress maintenance to make sure websites are running efficiently and to speed up load times.

See our optimization services here 


Various tasks including: adding new pages, other fixes not listed above, tasks per request.

Why TheLeadwebtech’s website maintenance services?

-We love our work!

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